Looking for an alternative to Proposify?

Proposify has a quite complex interface where buttons do not what they are expected to do. This makes Quoters a way better alternative as it is faster, simpler and will allow you to create business proposals just on a few clicks at a cheaper price. And those proposals are fully responsive.

Proposify vs Quoters



Plans starting at…



Template library

Custom domain

Online signature


Placeholders or variables to automate information on documents

Responsive proposal view for clients

Unlimited active proposals on all plans

Advanced management of costs, rates and tariffs

Version control

Template sharing among companies

Reduced price for extra users

Zapier integration in all plans

Native connection to anfix (invoicing)

Proposify is one of the leading (and oldest) solutions to create proposals online. Because of this, maybe, it’s become a more complex solution, and this makes navigation through it slow, as the application itself has too many options and it is quite heavy. If your business needs don’t need some premium features, Proposify may not be your first option.

At an affordable price, Quoters has everything for any company or individual daily needs: responsive and dynamic proposals, that your clients can accept and sign online from any place and device.

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