Looking for an alternative to Proposable?

Proposable is a tool to create proposals and business documents rather expensive. Its interface is not helping either, as navigating through it is sometimes difficult. On Quoters everything is simpler and more intuitive and it offers plans adapted to your business needs.

Proposable vs Quoters



Plans starting at…



Unlimited active proposals on all plans

Template library

Custom domain

Online signature


Placeholders or variables to automate information on documents

Online responsive proposals

Auto save

Advanced management rates and tariffs

Business costs management

Version control

Template sharing among companies

Reduced price for extra users

Native anfix integration (invoincing)

Proposable is a quoting solution. But though it is an online solution, proposals and quotes generated with it are not fully responsive, as public view is based on a document one. Its interface is a bit outdated, which makes it difficult to work and navigate through it.

On Quoters you can manage all your proposals and quotation notes using its modern and simple interface focused on user needs. Also, all the edits on your documents will be safe thank to autosaving and version control.

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