Looking for an alternative to Nusii?

Nusii is a tool to create online proposals that can be limited for some companies. Their editor is not fully WYSIWYG, as it’s block-based and you need to preview the proposal to get a real idea about how it will look. Also, it doesn’t have such advanced costs and rates management features, so you won’t get your project margin at a glance.

Nusii vs Quoters



Plans starting at…



No card required trial

Template library

Custom domain

Online signature


Placeholders or variables to automate information on documents

Version control

Online responsive proposals

Auto save

Unlimited active proposals on all plans

Template sharing among companies

Advanced management rates and tariffs

Business costs management

Native anfix integration (invoicing)

Focused on creatives and agencies, Nusii editor doesn’t fully support WYSIWYG, as it is necessary to preview the proposal to see it as your client will do. 

Also, the way pricing sections can be edited is somehow complex: instead of using a table view, you can add pricing sections and this can create some problems to your clients while viewing the proposal. 

Compared to this, Quoters editor works like a charm. It’s easy to use, has the most important options and what you see is what your cliente will see. As simple as that.

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