Looking for an alternative to GetAccept?

Focused on acceptance and signature management on B2B environments, its core is creating documents of all kind, as contracts, documents and even keynotes, but you need an offline document to start working.

GetAccept vs Quoters



Plans starting at…



Unlimited active proposals on all plans

Template library

Online signature


Placeholders or variable to automate information on documents

Reduced price for extra users

Custom domain

Responsive proposal view for clients

Automated saving of proposal

Advanced management of rates and tariffs

Business costs management

Version control

Template sharing among companies

Native anfix integration (invoicing)

GetAccept is a tool mainly focused on accepting and signing electronic documents. But those documents have to be created offline, which makes it difficult to integrate into sales workflow.

Public views are based on A4 format, so it does not make proposals fully responsive. Also, the interface is quite complex, making it difficult to navigate through all the options.

On Quoters you can create and manage all your proposals and sales documents on a way simpler and more logical way, all on a nice interface focused on the user. No data will be lost thanks to our editor autosave. One of the basic features that every proposal solution shall have out of the box.

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