Looking for an alternative to Bidsketch?

Moving from Bidsketch to Quoters will improve your productivity. With a more friendly and simple interface, Quoters ease-of-use and proposal customization is far beyond Bidsketch capabilities. And you don’t need to use to credit card to try us.

Bidsketch vs Quoters



Plans starting at…



Credit card required to try

Template library

Optional rates

Template library

Custom domain

Online signature


Placeholders or variable to automate information on documents

Unlimited active proposals on all plans

Automated saving of proposal

Responsive proposal view for clients

Unlimited clients on all plans

Advanced management of costs, rates and tariffs

Version control

Template sharing among companies

Native anfix integration (invoicing)

First thing you will find when signing up Bidsketch is that you need to use your credit card to try it (not in Quoters). If you want to try some proposals and product functionalities, you may want do it not worrying about your card being charged, right?

Also, Quoters is designed thinking mainly of your experience: that’s why it is more visually attractive, more useful and more simple. However, Bidsketch interface is obsolete and makes difficult to work with it. If you compare both, you’ll realize how important is this for a online proposal software.

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