Looking for an alternative to Better Proposals?

Quoters is easier to use, has more features available per plan and allows you to better control of your business proposals with its advanced quotation management for costs, rates and tariffs than Better Proposals.

Better Proposals vs Quoters

Better Proposals


Plans starting at…



Free 14-day trial

Template library

Custom domain

Online signature


Placeholders or variables to automate information on documents

Unlimited active proposals on all plans

Multiple pricing tables per proposal

Advanced management of costs, rates and tariffs

Version control

Contact library

Template sharing among companies

Access to thousands of hi-res free images

Reduced price for extra users

Zapier integration on all plans

Native anfix integration

Differences between Better Proposals and Quoters are quite remarkable: Better Proposals does not have advanced features as version control or cost management, which are strong points when comparing to Quoters. Also, pricing makes much of a difference, as Quoters plans are more affordable and your company gets more features per dollar compared to Better Proposals.

Quoters is the perfect alternative to Better Proposals if you want your proposals to look professional. Also, on Quoters you can create faster and better proposals, fully integrated in your sales workflow.

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