Look for an alternative to AND.CO?

AND.CO is the perfect companion for an individual who wants to send online proposals. But you can’t collaborate with coworkers nor create an organization with some of them. Also, proposals management comes with certain limitations, which are bigger when you take a look at the “free plan”: custom documents and settings are far far away of what you can do on Quoters.

AND.CO vs Quoters



Plans starting at…



Unlimited active proposals on all plans

Proposal and contracts management

Online signature


Creating business contracts on basic plan

Template library

Custom domain

Unlimited active contacts

Placeholders or variable to automate information on documents

Responsive proposal view for clients

Automated saving of proposal

Advanced management of costs, rates and tariffs

Version control

More than 1 user

Native anfix integration (invoicing)

Though AND.CO comes with a free plan to send all the proposals you may need, its limitation comes with clients and features. Fewer options to customize and only one active client limits all your experience and makes more than necessary getting to the $18 plan to get not all the features available on Quoters most basic plan

If you need a real solution for your proposals, budgets and contracts, Quoters is way better: even the basic plan comes with no limits on active clients, active proposals or templates. You can also make a comprehensive quotation of your services using our advanced management of costs and your client can accept your proposals on any device… even signing it with a finger. And plans are adapted to your needs. It can’t be otherwise.

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