The COVID-19 Quoters Guide for Remote Teamwork

Yes, we’re living strange times. And remote working or working-from-home seems to be pretty a thing these days. And, finally, not only for tech companies, which have teams working from multiple locations and are used to collaborate remotely.

Remote work is affecting all kind of businesses and departments, and it also means we have to change project management itself.

Processes have to ben recreated. Teamwork has to change. And we all need the best collaboration tools for our businesses: video, communication, email, task management… There are a lot of work to do, not too much time to organize everything and team members who are eager to work as projects move on.

And if all this is a challenge for project managers, what happens in sales departments? Some teamwork tools may not be suitable to use for sales departments; however, some other can be integrated easily on your pipeline. No matter if you are selling a product or any service, you can have your employees working before than you may imagined.

Well, on this post we will show you some of the tools we are using at Quoters, as our team is now working remotely at each one’s home. Some of these software solutions are free, while some other provide you freemium access or are premium. However, as this COVID-19 thing is affecting more a more places all over the world, some of them have given access to some premium features.

Ready? Steady? Go!

This is the list of tools we are using for remote teamwork at Quoters:


Our Swiss knife for project management. And task management is key, specially if you want your team to fulfill all their daily tasks.

Last but not least, it helps on time self organization, as you can have (at an extra price) timesheets to track all the time spent on your projects.

Videoconferencing tool

We use either Google Meet and Zoom. Actually, we use the first for internal meetings and the latest for external ones. And Zoom is experiencing a huge boom these days and it’s one of our most favorite tools. And its free tier is enough for any sales executive as one-on-one meetings have no time limit.


We hate internal emails. And we use this communication solution for all those one line messages like please, do this, don’t forget to send that and, as soon as we get back to our office, I’m doing some more coffee. And it supports gifs. Awesome!

Loop Email

One of the greatest findings for us this weird 2020. If you are looking for a tool to collaborate on emails, this is the one. We have started using it for sales and marketing and it’s awesome. Uhm, may we say it’s a Slack for inboxes? Could be. Any member of the team


Yes, it’s 2020 and we are still stressing how important leveraging the power of a good CRM. We use Intercom as our main CRM. Though it’s not perfect, we can access every user data and  conversations from one place. And we can use it to send custom messages to any user.

Google Drive

As our corporate emails are Google-based, we use good ol’ Drive to collaborate on documents. Yes, you figured it out correctly: spreadsheets. But our Python-coworkers love using Colab for data processing and visualization. And it’s awesome!


Connected to that, we also have some data dashboards, both created on Google Sheets or Colab books. However, we are testing now Oviond (also another AppSumo deal) for dashboards and reports and we are thrilled on how powerful it is and the integrations it’s got.

Oviond integrations are cool!

And, of course, Quoters

Yes, we use our own solution to submit proposals to customers. As you may have noticed, you can collaborate with your fellow sales fellows and you can close any deal safely: no handshake is involved. And you can sign on your own phone to accept our proposals. Would you like to practice social distancing on sales? Give us a try!

As you can see, our teamwork stack seems pretty standard. And all these platforms are scalable, so if your business needs more seats for your employees, they only must create an account and you’ll be adding them to your subscription and… magic happens.

And, of course, stay at home, respect social distancing and, remember, that meeting could have been an email, and that email could have been a Slack message. Or a comment on a Google Sheet.

How are you teamworking from home? Let us know on the comments!