Improve your Sales with Marketing Automation Software

Yes, you want and need to be more productive. And yet, now you need to get as many leads as possible so your sales increase. So, get rid of all those overpromising tools and save time with sales and marketing automation software.

We know using only one tool can be great, but it is difficult to find the Swiss knife when it comes to sales. Whether it has a poorly designed interface or lacks some quite features that are key, or that solution has so many limitations in numbers that you need to upgrade and upgrade and upgrade…

In this post we will introduce you to the world of automation, will show you some automated workflow examples and will tell you some of the automation tools we use everyday.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation software refers to platforms that help marketers and sales departments capture leads, qualify and nurture them down sales funnels and analyze behavior and performance.

Marketing Automation platforms can be used both on B2C and B2B sales and marketing departments and are key to grow their business.

This seems pretty easy to understand and, remember, while using any marketing automation platform you will find yourself not only being more productive, but you will also be increasing your sales. Most of these tools will allow you capture and nurture leads and get performance reports.

And, more important, most of them can be connected to each other, so you can trigger actions across platforms, easing management and improve your campaign performance.

Can I use marketing automation on my company?

As well as you try to identify your customers’ pain points, you need to find your workflow pain points. And you will understand it with a few examples or, better, answering some questions:

  • Do you capture leads from your website?
  • Do you collect cards at events?
  • Do you send bulk emails?
  • Is your email database 1000+ emails?
  • Do you need to teamwork?

If your answer to all those questions is a yes, then you need some automations. But why?

Why you should be using sales automation

Short answer: you will save time and money. Not so short question: once you get a prospect, nurturing is essential. And you can automate this part.

You have an email or a phone number, so running email marketing campaigns, sending offers or used targeted ads is always a good idea and can build trust in your business to convert some of those contacts into actual customers.

Also, automation is useful if you need to use a lot of data: it will provide you with analytics and even business intelligence.

Automation is easy to use. Do it.

And now, we will show you som automation software that you will love.



Here at Quoters, we love Zapier. It helps you automating tasks of any kind. Connect Quoters (or any other software you are using) with Zapier and you will creating a unique marketing platform and improving your sales faster than you think

And as it has a free tier, no matter the size of your business, you can leverage of it. Try it, and let us know your thoughts 😀

Btw, you can create your own automations using Zapier premium accounts if your software is webhooks ready.

Learn more about Zapier


This is one of the most favorite sales software for many companies. Its simplicity as well as the ability to connect with some other tools makes it perfect for businesses of any size or area.

And it is flexible enough to create your customized sales cycle. One of the most powerful tools you can have to digitize your company… even using their fantastic mobile apps.

Learn more about Pipedrive


The king. Well, maybe not, but it is one of the most advanced CRMs you can find for your company.

Think of it as an investment for your company. It will help you organizing all your contacts, nurture and qualify any lead. Do you remember that customer that you contacted a few days ago and you didn’t get any answer? Well, yes, reminders. And you can customize your plan depending on your needs.

And if you connect it with Stripe, collect payments with just an email. Isn’t it cool?

Learn more about HubSpot

Loop Email

One of our 2020 most favorite tools. Trying to define it on a few words, it’s a shared inbox tool. Forget about finding out who was taking care of that lead or which was that special loyalty offer for long-time customers.

See a contact’s history at a glance and enhance your sales teamwork with this tool. Forget about that pre-holidays report as everybody will see what has been done and next steps.

Visit Loop Email on AppSumo

Will this work with Quoters?

Sure! Connect Quoters with Zapier and send reminders of your proposals using your CRM. Or create customize proposals using the data collected on a HubSpot landing page. And get reports about your sales performance.