Find free photos and videos for your proposals

We do love free photos. And high-quality videos.

As you may have noticed, on Quoters you can use videos and images to create stunning fullscreen sections that your customers will love. And you also have to take care: not all the images on your computer can be used. Remember that image you downloaded from Getty? Bad news, you can’t use it. And same with that neat picture you downloaded from Google Images: you may not use it for commercial purposes. This EyeEm post explains quite perfectly what every license is intended for.

So, essentially, you can’t just download any image for any website and start using it. That’s why we provide you an integration to find Public Domain photos that you can use on your proposals to impress your customers. But this post will show you some other nice stuff, as not only images can be unlicensed. But first things first.

What is a CC0 or Public Domain license

CC0 license refers to any element that can be used, copied, modified, enhanced, performed or used no matter the final purpose, if personal or commercial. And you don’t need any permission or attribution to do so.

Using CC0 is safe for you and your business as you don’t need to pay for them and you can make anything with them. We do actually love CC0 images and videos as it is a good alternative to stock photos and videos. But, be careful: you can find yourself using the same photos as may other companies.

To avoid that, we are showing you some places to find high quality photos and videos that you can use for your business. And if you don’t want to lose your personality, dig a little deeper on their search options to find the right asset. Let’s get the party started.


Our most loved public domain photos place. We have an Unsplash integration on our editor allowing you to access to +1,000,000 high quality, free-to-use photos. This hassle-free integration will help you finding the right photo for your proposals, making them really professional. And as you can expand photo backgrounds to fullscreen, they’ll look nice on any device. Landscapes? Check. Teamwork? Check. Your city monuments? Well, maybe check.

Btw, as Unsplash community is huge and full of talented photographers, it’s a good idea to credit photos if used as is.

Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

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Another cool place to find CC0 photos. And as its creators, Bruno Joseph and Ingo Joseph say, Pexels is made to give access to cool and beautifully taken photos to creators so they can use them freely and create cool stuff as products, webs, apps, arts or anything as incredible.

But what makes Pexels different is its video library. There are hundreds of free stock videos that you can use on your website, corporate video… or online proposals created here on Quoters. You can find even 4k footage. Awesome!

Photo from on Pexels

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Read carefully: 335 million free stock photos. Overwhelming, isn’t it?

On Foter you can choose either to download the photos or use their code to embed it on your website. Filter images per license type or color or browse by category or ideas. Btw, Foter requires attribution and some photos are not meant to use for commercial purposes, so think of it before doing anything.


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More than 1.7 million photos here. But not only that. On Pixabay you can find too videos, illustrations and even vectors. And everything is free to use, licensed for commercial purposes and no attribution required. And, yes, almost every piece of creative is professional enough to be used for your proposals.

Imagen de 【微博/微信】愚木混株 【Instagram】cdd20 en Pixabay

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Vintage Stock Photos

If you want to create a special atmosphere for your proposals (wedding planners, we’re not looking at you), you can use these beautiful classic and vintage photos for your proposals. Only limitation is that you can’t pack them to redistribute, but that is fair enough as you are getting a free stock. What a time to be alive!!

Vintage Stock Photos

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Free footage. Yes. CC0 videos that are perfect for those fullscreen sections of your proposals. Preview mode as fullscreen cover? Check. Categories? Check. Simple licensing? Check. And they have some Zoom virtual backgrounds to use on your video calls. Yeah.

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Distill (beta)

More free footage for personal and commercial use. 10 free HD videos are uploaded every 10 days. Filter per video category and find out the best for you. Thoug stock is limited, there are some cool videos for backgrounds.

Landscapeshimalayanmonasteries hd 1.mp4 poster

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There are tons of services that provide you commercial free use of photos and videos around. Which one are you using for your projects?