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Tips about productivity. And, yes, you can be more productive while writing your proposals.

How to perform a market research using your user data

Performing a market research using your app user data is always tough, but incredibly useful, specially because technology and methodologies have evolved and now you can do a research on a few clicks, and you can add this to your daily tasks list with no hesitation. This article was written by Sonia García, an stagier […]

The COVID-19 Quoters Guide for Remote Teamwork

Yes, we’re living strange times. And remote working or working-from-home seems to be pretty a thing these days. And, finally, not only for tech companies, which have teams working from multiple locations and are used to collaborate remotely. Remote work is affecting all kind of businesses and departments, and it also means we have to […]

Are you looking for online proposal software?

Writing proposals for clients are a pain in the ass for most of entrepreneurs. Yes, you can use any software packed into your computer to create proposals or, better, start creating your business templates. Microsoft Word or PowerPoint as well as Apple Pages or Keynote are good options if you want to design a cool […]