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The sections of a successful proposal

Have you realized that all your proposals are written following not only some guidelines but also the exact structure? We give you a few seconds to think about it 🤔 If you define your proposal parts correctly, you’ll be addressing three key issues: You’ll save time creating your proposals. Using that structure will help you […]

Speed Up Your Sales Cycle With These 8 Simple Strategies

You may be looking to shorten your sales cycle. Why? Because the less time your leads spend in your funnel, the better. More ROI (return of investment) and extra time for some other prospects too. That is the primary reason we tend to convert sooner our leads onto customers. And there are some strategies you can follow up […]

Find free photos and videos for your proposals

We do love free photos. And high-quality videos. As you may have noticed, on Quoters you can use videos and images to create stunning fullscreen sections that your customers will love. And you also have to take care: not all the images on your computer can be used. Remember that image you downloaded from Getty? […]