Boost your sales using proposal templates

So, you want to sell your business services to your clients. and you want to do it in the most comfortable way for your company. All you need is to create a proposal template.

What is a proposal template?

It is a version of a proposal that you can use to sell your services that includes sample information and it is specially designed to be re-used anytime you want. The perfect one can cover objectives, deliverables, a full timeline of the project with deadlines and, of course, a breakdown of project costs.

Also, it is recommended to include some terms and conditions, so everything is clear enough to start working and even considering it a full binding contract if accepted.

How do you create a proposal template?

Creating the perfect business proposal takes some time as this kind of documents keep on evolving as companies do. But creating a proposal sample is somehow easy.

First thing you have to bear in mind is that you will save time. So if you want to save time, you have to invest some time not only on the design of it, but also to know how important it will be on your marketing strategy.

So, start selecting some of your brand assets: your logo, corporate photos, graphics… Just pick some up so you won’t have to navigate through them afterwards.

If you sell digital products and want to create some mockups, we recommend you Mockuuups Studio. Your product screenshots + Mockuuups Studio = WIN!

Now, grab some paper, a pencil and let’s move to the writing part. We will not be writing the whole proposal, but the structure of it. And this is very important, as the right structure of your document will make it become a winner or not.

So, the structure of your sample proposal can be:

  • Introduction: information about your business, experience and qualifications. Remember to highlight your certifications as they are important in some areas.
  • Overview: some info about the problem, potential solutions, costs, and benefits of solving it.
  • Issue: describe the problem. Here you can include also a SWOT analysis.
  • Solution: your service. Here you can include deliverables, timeline, deadlines and information about the workflow.
  • Costs: our advice in Quoters is that you always show project costs on its own section. This makes the proposal easier to understand and also highlights it to your client.
  • Terms and conditions: you will find this useful. Though it should be mandatory and you will tell your client when work can be considered started and what you need from your client. Include it on every proposal as this will save you a lot of time. And money.

This structure is enough and will help you writing business proposals.

And before start writing, research a little bit more. Remember you are writing not for yourself but to your clients.

The way you introduce your services can be completely different depending on what you do: the way you will do it can be totally different if you are planning a corporate event or a wedding. If your business are requires qualifications (e.g. Google ones for agencies), then you have to showcase it.

Also, your terms and conditions have to clear. Maybe the person who is willing to work with you has to send it to company management area. And they will read it carefully, so make it clear.

Can you create the [almost] perfect template on Quoters?

Sure! You can use this structure or the one you want. And you can access our template gallery to pick one of them and start sending proposals.

And if want a proposal template to be created, just drop a line to hi[at] and we will send you a proposal, of course, created with Quoters.