Integración con Zapier

Automate your sales cycle using Quoters and Zapier

Do you know that you can connect Quoters with Zapier and automate some of your daily tasks to be more efficent? YAY!

But first, some introductory words just in case you don’t know what Zapier is.

What is Zapier?

Simply: Zapier is the mother of all tools, MOAT. We will tell you why.

Zapier is a solution that connects your software with other in a no-code way, yes, without coding a line. If you have no idea about coding, creating a connection among tools is easy using their step-by-step process. And you can stick together more than 1500 apps!

Can you see now why we say Zapier is MOAT?

And one of the best (if not the best) things about Zapier is that you can automate your workflows and save a lot of time.

With this integration, you have like a zillion ways to work with Quoters and you don’t have to change the way you work. You can even use Quoters as a backend for proposal management. You have endless possibilities!

Quoters and Zapier, together, stronger

At this moment, Quoters is available as beta and is invite only. Go to Connect on your Quoters account and request your invitation. You’ll be receiving it 24 hours (weekdays, only).

Start to work on Zapier is really easy and straightforward: it sends data from one tool to another as soon as an event happens.

As regards Quoters, you can connect it with Zapier both ways: send and receive data. If you send data from Quoters, you will select one of the available triggers. If you want to receive data on Quoters, you will set an action.

These are the triggers and actions available on Zapier for your Quoters account:


Contact created
A new contact is created on Quoters-

Contact updated
An existing contact is updated on Quoters.

Contact created or updated
This trigger means that a new contact is created or updated.

Quote approved
A proposal has been approved.

Export quote
This is a manual trigger to export a proposal to Zapier and send its data to another tool.

Contact deleted
A contact is removed on Quoters.

Quote viewed
Your proposal has been visited by anyone. It only works if the visitor is not logged in, so you or any of your fellow coworkers can visit the proposal (remember to be logged in).


Create quote
A new proposal is created.

Create/Update contact
A new contact is created or updated on Quoters using the data from the other tool.

Find quote
This will find the right proposal. Use it for multi-step Zaps.

Find contact
Find the right contact for your proposal.

Want some ideas?

We are working daily to find Zaps and we will update you with some of them soon. But some of the most useful and key connections are with CRMs, invoicing or project management tools. Actually, you can even create your custom workflows using any webhook if you have a Zapier premium account. Some examples we have in mind are:

  • Send any contact and update it with data from your CRM.
  • Create a new task or project on Trello once your proposal is accepted.
  • Send a Quoters proposal as soon as you get data from a prospect on a form (created on Typeform, Google Forms or Gravity Forms).
  • If a proposal gets accepted, a new invoice is created on your most beloved invoicing tool.

These are some common examples, but you can think of a more complex integration.

  • If your prospect asks for some info, you get all that information on your CRM and also get him/her subscribed to a Mailchimp list and send a customized email depending on provided data.
  • If your customer visits the proposal, you can get a notification on Slack or send an email, and saving a copy of signed proposal on your Google Drive or Dropbox contracts folder. Cada

So, this Quoters/Zapier integration is a new way to automate all your sales workflow on a few clicks. No coding skills required… but you can code some customized integrations if you need.

If you are thinking of any other integration, let us know on comments