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Use Quoters and access all the features that make us the best sales proposals solution.

Data organisation

Organize your data

Everything you need to manage your sales flow, before creating your proposal.

Contact management

All your clients’ data in one place.

Rate library

Save the prices of your products or services and use them as needed.

Rate library

Organize in folders the costs of the services or goods you offer.

Brand Centre

Customize Quoters with own your logos and fonts.


Work collaboratively with all your team.

Custom domain

Modify the URL of your proposals with your company domain.

Digitize all your contracts

Convert more by using online contracts: your clientes will be able to accept and sign your proposals, contracts... Everything you need!

Custom templates

Start your work using our templates or create your own from scratch.

Reusable sections

Save any section of your content and use them whenever you need them.

Images and videos

Access thousands of high quality free photos or use your Youtube videos.

Edit colours, sizes and fonts

Brandify all your proposals with your brand elements.

Pricing tables

Insert pricing tables using your own tariffs and costs.

Info tables

Insert tables with data or copy and paste from Excel.

Quote creation

Quote creation

Save time with a fast, easy way to create business proposals

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Send and follow up

Send and follow up

Manage all your business proposals and improve your sales flow.

Send proposals to your client

Share the quote with your client by sending it from your own email.

Version control

Keep track of which version your client has at all times.

PDF generator

Let clients download your proposal as a PDF.

Online signature

Your client can accept your proposal from any device.


Proposals are interactive and can be displayed on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

From proposal to invoice to…

Integrate Quoters in your sales workflow: invoices, project creation, CRM… All you need.

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