8 Ideas to Use Zapier and Quoters

Yeah, you know Zapier. If not, you should be taking a look at it. It’s a fantastic solution that connects all your favorite daily tools and automates all those tasks. So, when you put all your daily tools to work together, you’ll control better all the stages of your sales cycle. And not only that: you will be more productive.

But, how do you integrate Quoters without compromising all your daily work and, still, automate everything? We are here for that. And we will show you some ideas to automate part of your sales cycle using Quoters, Zapier and some other tools, no matter your strategy is inbound marketing, outbound or a mixture of them.

1. Add a Quoters contact to a Mailchimp List

Curated email lists are key to any company. Your customers, prospects or emails collected on events are only some of them. But the most valuable one is, of course, is the one that has all your customers on it. So, using your customers’ mailing list to send them is always a good idea: they have your email and they’ll love having good news from you. So, let’s see how to keep your Quoters contact list on Mailchimp.

Step 1 – Select Quoters as app and contact created as trigger event.
Step 2 – Select Mailchimp as App and Add/Update Subscriber as event. This will allow you to have all the information centralized on just one place.
Step 3 – Customize the data you will be sharing and the fields you will be updating on Mailchimp.

2. Pipedrive CRM and Quoters: improve your business leads

Your customer management and your proposals together. Increase your conversions and know the exact stage of any customer on your sales cycle.

Just a few clics and you will have everything in place to get stats from your leads and, better, automate your proposals on Quoters and send them to improve your sales workflow.

Step 1 – Choose Pipedrive as app and Updated Deal Stage as event. This will find the data from your Pipedrive account.
Step 2 – Select the stage in pipeline to get information.
Step 3 – Now, you need to choose the action on Quoters. Select Create Quote and then customize the data to automate proposal creation. That’s it: you have a new proposal ready to send to your contact.

3. Create a new Trello project upon Quoters proposal approval

One of the most useful and productive automations you can perform is is creating a new project just after your proposal was approved by your customer. Why? This will allow you to allocate all the resources you need for that project before even start to work, as well as adding the main tasks that you will be working. Or using one of those nice Trello templates. Let’s go!

Step 1 – Select Quoters as app and Quote approved as action. This will send all the data from your proposal right to Trello.
Step 2 – On Trello, select Create Board action event.
Step 3 – And then, customize the Board. You can add it to any organization, give it a name, description and even subtasks based on the information on your proposal.

4. Automate sending email reminders

Yes, we know. Sometimes proposals are buried deep into inboxes. And you need to remind your customers that deal you need to close your quarter results.

An email to remind that your proposal has expired can trigger some actions (specially if you set up a short expiration term for your proposals). And it is quite easy to do it using Gmail (or Office 365).

Step 1 – Select Quoters and Quote expired as event.
Step 2 – Then authorize your email account to access Zapier and Send Email as event. Remember you can customize your email populating it with your very own data or using any data from your proposal. The sky is the limit!
Step 3 – Though it’s in Spanish, you can see how you can use data from your proposals to populate information on that email.

5. Create an invoice as soon as your proposal gets accepted

Another useful and productive automation can be creating an invoice connecting Quoters your daily invoicing solution (of course, if it’s available on Zapier or supports webhooks). We will use FacturaDirecta for this automation, as is what we use to send your invoices. Let’s go.

Step 1 – Start picking Quoters and Quote approved as trigger.
Step 2 – Then, select your Invoice creation action on your app.
Step 3 – Customize your invoice using proposal data.
Step 4 – For the final step on FacturaDirecta, add all fields from Lines section even if Zapier marks them as optional. This will include all your lines from your pricing table so if you fill them in, all your quotation lines will be added.

6. Typeform and Quoters

The Greatest Of All Automations. The GOAA. The Michael Jordan of all automations. Why?

How if we tell you that you can automate proposal creation and sending it to your leads? And how about if we say you can send proposals that fit your lead answers? Doesn’t it look great? Well, it’s real, it’s useful and it’s productive. And you can start doing it now.

For this integration, you will need a premium Zapier account, as you will need more that 2 steps to get your zap working.

To explain this automation, we will think of a marketing agency that will as three key questions to better understand leads. One of them will be actually asking to select the service among 4 options. Why?

Because we want to automate proposal creation using any ready-to-use templates. So, if your lead selects Marketing y publicidad (Ads and marketing in plain English), this automation will send that lead a proposal with all the services you can provide.

Important: you need to create as many templates as type of services your business provides. You can find on our Help Center how to save a template. Also, you will need some additional coding; if you need support, contact us. 

Step 1 – Create a form on Typeform and make your services question mandatory. Any service has to have its own template available on Quoters.
Step 2 – Select Typeform and New Entry as trigger.
Step 3 – You need to add some custom javascript to transform the data you from Typeform to make it available on Quoters, so you will be adding Code by Zapier as app and Run Javascript as action.


Step 4 – Add your custom javascript that will link your templates to your answer. Important: this is a sample and you must adapt it following the instructions below.

Instructions to make this code work:

  • You need to write the services on your code as you wrote on Typeform (so, copy-paste them). Add or remove your answers to fit the ones that are on your form.
  • You need to find your unique identifiers for your own templates. You can get them as you can see on next screenshot as you customize the template.
Step 4b – You will be back to this after step 7.
Step 5 – Select Quoters as an app and create/update your contact in Quoters
Step 6 – Here, you will choose Create Quote as action event.
Step 7 – Add a custom value while selecting the template you will be using for this connection.
Step 8 – Run Javascript to pick the right template.
Step 9 – Pick your contact as to add the contact to your proposal as this will pick the right contact. 

Yes, we know this is not really easy to set up, but it is one of the most powerful ideas that come to our mind. If you need help, of course, send us an email to support@quoters.io and we will gladly help you.

7. View all your accepted proposals at a glance on a Google Spreadsheet

Yes, we know. Spreadsheets. But, they are really useful not only to aggregate data but also to create graphics using that data.

This makes this automation so interesting, as you can have all the data from your proposals on a Google Spreadsheet to know all the status of your proposals or to make predictions. Your imagination (and business needs) are the limit here. But we will start by a straightforward automation that we know you will love: inserting all the information that matters into a spreadsheet.

Step 1 – Start using Quote approved as trigger.
Step 2 – If it’s the first time you are using this connection, select Create Spreadsheet Row as the action. This will add a new row on your table with the information selected on the following step.
Step 3 – Select your worksheet and add the data to your defined columns. We will add here proposal name, final price and customer business name.

8. Get Slack notifications on proposal public views

We all use Slack (and love/hate it), because it eases team comms. It’s easy to use, you can group each area on specific channels and, most important, you can automate some messages. This is Slack’s feature we love most and we will show you how to get a notification on Slack as soon as your customer visits your proposal public view.

Step 1 – Pick Quote visited as trigger.
Step 2 – Then add Slack as app and Send Channel Message as the action to be performed.
Step 3 – Pick the channel, customize the message you will be sending using data from your proposal and that’s it. However, we recommend to use the optional send as a bot fields to make your messages easier to identify.

These are just 8 ideas that came into our mind while connecting Quoters to Zapier. But here, as we have said, the sky is the limit and with over 2000 apps available (plus webhooks on premium accounts), you can automate almost everything.

Don’t hesitate contacting us to share your ideas. We’ll gladly explore them with you.

Unleash the power of automation now!